49 Group Anagrams – Medium


Given an array of strings, group anagrams together.

For example, given: ["eat", "tea", "tan", "ate", "nat", "bat"], Return:

[ ["ate", "eat","tea"], ["nat","tan"], ["bat"] ] Note:

For the return value, each inner list’s elements must follow the lexicographic order. All inputs will be in lower-case.


Anagrams strings will become the same string after sorting.


public class Solution {
    public List<List<String>> groupAnagrams(String[] strs) {
        ArrayList<List<String>> result = new ArrayList<List<String>>();
        HashMap<String, Integer> helper = new HashMap<String, Integer>();
        for (int i = 0; i < strs.length; i ++) {
            char[] tmpChar = strs[i].toCharArray();
            String tmp = new String(tmpChar);
            if (helper.containsKey(tmp)) {
            List<String> curr = new LinkedList<String>();
            helper.put(tmp, result.size() - 1);
        return result;

There is a concern about the above algorithm is that the hashtable is using String as a key. I am not sure but it could be slow to retrieve a value by using String as key if the String is super long. It depends on how Java is implementing HashTable with String as key. If this is going to be a bottleneck of performance, then use a hash function to hash a String into a integer.

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